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Thyroid Warrior Podcast

Mar 5, 2020

We just spent time understanding the basics of nutrition. Now, it’s time to put the knowledge that we learned into practice. The way that we will do this is to establish healthy habits. Now we just hit the beginning of March, and this is typically when folks are like, “oh, okay, great. I made new year's resolutions, and I'm done”. No. Don't do that. Don't give up, you totally got this. 

I have started listening to the book called Atomic Habits by James clear, and he made a very good point in his book (well, a lot of good points), and that is this, our goals are just pillars, so to speak, but really the way that we get things done, are through systems and processes.

I used to hate processes, I did not like structure, until I realized that my wellness and my health journey was dependent upon me being a little bit more structure. So I had no choice. 

I had to learn how to create an identity for myself, and this is oftentimes something that's very very challenging for us, particularly when you have an autoimmune disease because sometimes you can really become lost in that and I don't know about you, but for a long time. I just saw myself as having a thyroid disease. I didn't look at myself as someone that was healthy. I didn't look at myself as someone that was capable of lifting weights or running again or doing any of the things that I'm currently doing now. I had to take a moment because it's really emotional because for so long, I did not think that I would ever be where I am right now. 

Here's the question that I want you to ponder today...

What does a healthy person look like to you?