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Thyroid Warrior Podcast

Jun 12, 2020

In this episode, I pause a lot initially. The Black Lives Matter Movement has spurred change, but we have a long way to go. However, I choose to be a part of change. Ultimately, we all have to work together to get through this and we. More importantly, we have to work together to hear each other and understand how 

I’m challenging you about your thyroid and your overall men and women. 

I know that many of you when you go to the doctor, especially when you are trying to get diagnosed you're stressed out, you’re afraid and you’re trying to find out answers.

The last thing you want to hear are the following statements:

  • That’s what happens when you have kids!
  • You probably shouldn’t work so much…
  • Welcome to your [insert age]...
  • You’re just stressed out...

You are enough. You’re not crazy and you’re not imagining things. 

We are going to discuss how to be an advocate for yourself in the next series on my podcast. It’s critical to me that you understand the full picture and can discuss these things.

I will be providing you with a checklist for the next four episodes on how to be your own advocate. I want you to take the time to write these things down. 

Grab your first checklist at