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Thyroid Warrior Podcast

Dec 20, 2019

Hello friends,

We are in the final stretch.

I want to do an exercise with you:

I want you to write down the good, the bad, and the ugly that happened in 2019.

Now, here's why we're doing this..we have a bad habit of not celebrating how far we've come. For many of us, we're still experiencing symptoms, or there are a lot of things that you have to work on or get better at. Or you still may not feel as good as you think you should feel at this point.

It's really hard to evaluate and acknowledge how far we've come and when I think about this, I get a little emotional because Facebook in particular has been sharing memories with me. In the last six months, I'm starting to see the posts that I was writing…Many of the posts that I was created were related to symptoms and issues of my thyroid disease, many of which I did not know were symptoms, but now that I'm looking at them on that others ide of health, it just makes me emotional.

Now, I've learned to celebrate how far I've come. So much has happened this year.

I want you to take some time to really ponder these things. Dig deep because 2020 is going to be an amazing year for all of us. I promise you, once you continue to put in the work to be the very best version of you, you will start to notice how many doors open and how much changes for you.