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Thyroid Warrior Podcast

Mar 14, 2020

Big Announcement!

On Monday, I start a 14 day empowerment camp!

 🎆14 Days of workouts

🎆Access to a Private Facebook Group

🎆Nutrition and Meal Prep Tips

🎆Fun Challenges

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On today's episode, I want to talk about your past, and typically this is not something that I am a fan of however, from a behavior change perspective, I want to take a look at that.

This will help to clarify some of the things that may have worked really well for you and things that didn't work well for you. I wanted to start off by asking you that very question:

What worked for you in the past?

What were some of those habits that you had. How did you get things done? Was it because you have more energy or was it because you had more help. Were you getting up earlier? What was your work life balance like at the time? 

I realized that I needed to have the spirit of just being open. I also had to make sure that I have boundaries in place so that I can honor the things I need to get done, and the person that I'm trying to become.

So when you're looking at the things that worked for you in the past, I want you to ask yourself:

How can I start to implement the small changes that we talked about last week, so that I can begin the process of living a happier, healthier and more joyful life?