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Thyroid Warrior Podcast

Oct 17, 2019

Managing a chronic illness can be incredibly difficult as we know.

However, it's very important to me that you hear different perspectives and approaches to what becoming "happy, whole and well" can mean. When I pondered who I wanted to feature on this podcast, Susan immediately came to mind. She does not allow anything to get in her way.


As a matter of fact, she has generated over $40MM in personal sales and has lead high performance sales teams to over $600MM in revenue.

Susan McVea is an award winning sales strategist, consultant and speaker who now helps ambitious entrepreneurs as the founder of Sales Mastery Society.

She’s on a mission to help create more millionaire entrepreneurs and establish a mentality of wealth and abundance in the world.

I am so excited for you to hear more about her story and strategies that she's used to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

For more information about Susan, please check her out: